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Terms & Conditions


  • Respect and kindness is to be at the forefront of our work and time together. 

  • I (Amy Lyall) commence design work once full payment is received from the client (unless a payment plan has been agreed upon).

  • In the case that a payment plan has been agreed upon, I (Amy Lyall) will commence design work once the first payment has been received. The final designs will not be released to the client until the total amount outstanding is paid in full.

  • I (Amy Lyall) allow for up to 3 changes on design work, this is included in the pricing structure of my offerings. Additional changes will be charged as extra, at the current rate (May 2021) of $50 per hour) ** Hourly rate subject to change without notice. 

  • Turnaround time on photo collage offerings is 1 week from when both the photos and payment are received by me.

  • Turnaround time on the branding bundle is 2 -3 weeks* from when I have received the following: A client brief, payment in full (unless payment plan is agreed upon, the work will be released upon final payment being received by me (Amy Lyall), and any other information the client feels relevant prior to commencement. **If I have a lot of projects on, I will advise you if it is going to take me longer than 2 -3 weeks and see if that is a fit for you before going ahead with our work together. 



  • Respect and kindness is to be at the forefront of our time together. 

  • I (Amy Lyall) will be attentive and listen to the client and their needs. I will always do my best to make the client feel heard and always held. 

  • I (Amy Lyall) bring no judgement for where the client has been, is at now or where they want to go in the future in our session together. 

  • Payment for the Creative Call Sessions are required in full before the call will be booked.

  • I (Amy Lyall) ask that the client comes to the session with an open mind and an open heart.

  • If you (the client) needs to reschedule the session, could I (Amy Lyall) please ask that you provide a minimum of 24 hours’ notice.

  • Both the client and I (Amy Lyall) will respect one another’s time by being on time to the sessions. (Do not worry, I understand sometimes things happen, I’m not a total jerk, but please be mindful of this).

  • While I truly hope you do, I (Amy Lyall) make no promises that you will unlock your creativity in the way that you wish from this session. 

  • Beyond our session I (Amy Lyall) take no responsibility for how you do/do not express or share yourself creatively. 

  • I (Amy Lyall) will give the client the best of me and my insights from my own creative and lived experience.

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